Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dust and broken pieces

Well, the first week of grad school was productive. I made a pair of doilies, experienced the heat and joy of the Dustbowl Arts Market, and was asked to be in a local publication. I'm feeling like I'm on the right track, even though yesterday I broke one of the aforementioned doilies after I loaded it in the kiln. I just had to sand it a little more...

Here are a few images of the last week:

I think the 100+ degree heat didn't make my wool knits very appealing. Go figure.

Hand printed cotton totes $15 each.

Ceramic hairpins, cabled cowl, and tiny wall tiles.

Tiny tees for the babes $15 each

Sweet Maggie modeling the mustard cabled cowl.

Corally-pink doily tote $15.

Tweed infant and toddler knitted caps made from a merino and alpaca blend yarn & wool and organic cotton cowls for the babes, too.

Oodles of handprinted cards, sets of 3-5 cards $8-$10 per set

Thursday's doily

Tuesday's doily (the one I broke yesterday)

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  1. Your cutout doilies in clay are beyond amazing. Being a clay artist as well, I was wondering what clay body you use and if you have any fired pieces to view.