Thursday, August 4, 2011

These days

Graduate school starts in about a week and I'm anxiously awaiting eight hour studio sessions as opposed to eight hour phone answering & mouse clicking sessions.

My fella and I just returned from Kansas City, MO where we spent the weekend ooooing and ahhhing at the bustling streets, vibrant art scene, incredible people, and the beautiful fountains & scenery. Our friends Dane and Jordan just moved up there last fall, Jordan makes killer work and you can find her blog here, and showed us a few of the many highlights. Visiting makes me think that KU in Lawerence is a good fit for my little family, so it has made the list of potential graduate schools.

I bought some super sweet frames from the ladies over at Donna's Dress Shop. Jordan said she had been dying to go in for quite some time and I'm sure we'll go back next time we're in town. I'm such a sucker for dresses that I think I could exchange work for them and coffee the rest of my days. Oh and cherries, too.

Anyone know of other nice shops in Kansas City, particularly ladies clothing shops, that I should visit the next time I visit?

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